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The MOSAIC course is designed to provide foundational principles, steps, and best practices for planting a healthy and growing multi-cultural church. MOSAIC points out the reality of cultural diversity in the 21st century global context, and offers a concomitant multi-cultural church planting’s biblical and theological exegesis as well as a community exegesis. This fundamental ministry course will benefit anyone pastoring or doing missions in the 21st century and is essential to anyone planting a multi-cultural church or serving on a multi-cultural church planting team.
I am Sean O’Neal, a follower of Jesus Christ and minister of the gospel. I presently serve as the Administrative Bishop for the Church of God church in the California-Nevada Region. I am teaching “MOSAIC: How to Plant a Multi-Cultural Church” with the hope of more multi-cultural churches being planted, and more people from all cultures and ethnicities receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ being Born Again and becoming disciples who make disciples. The world is a global mosaic of cultures and languages spoken among people and multi-cultural churches are essential to completing the Great Commission assignment in the 21st Century. This is a practical equipping course that will guide you to learn foundational principles, steps, and best practices for planting a healthy growing multi-cultural church.