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Course Description

This course is designed to introduce, guide and equip Christian ministers, leaders lay leaders to plant churches through utilization of internet technology. Embracing the reality that the world has fully entered the digital age, communicating the gospel and planting churches through digital medium is essential to reaching the 21st century harvest. Digital church planting is the newest arrow in the quiver, tool on the belt for Great Commission Mission through the planting of new churches. The course begins with an introduction framing a brief history of human communication, in the second lesson a Technology Theology is presented, lessons 3-7 provide guidance and equipping including practical 8 steps implementing 8 skills for planting an online church, and lesson eight gives a summation to the course and final steps to start. 

This fundamental ministry course will benefit anyone pastoring an existing church or planting a new church in the 21st century. The course will also be highly beneficial to laity reaching their community and the digital world. The principles and concepts in the course will be beneficial to the future of church planting as well as transportable to contexts throughout the world.

I am Sean O’Neal, a follower of Jesus Christ and minister of the gospel. I presently serve as the Administrative Bishop for the Church of God church in the California-Nevada Church of God Region. I am teaching “Go Digital: How to Plant an Online Church” with the hope that more people will be Born Again more rapidly than at any point previously experienced in history. We must redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16). The world has changed and is continuously changing. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2021 accelerated the full engagement of the digital age of communication and we as Pentecostal Jesus Christ followers must utilize every possible means to complete the Great Commission.